BICEP/Keck Constraints on Attractor Models of Inflation and Reheating


Recent BICEP/Keck data on the cosmic microwave background, in combination with previous WMAP and Planck data, impose strong new constraints on the tilt in the scalar perturbation spectrum, $n_s$, as well as the tensor-to-scalar ratio, $r$. These constrain the number of e-folds of inflation, $N_*$, the magnitude of the inflaton coupling to matter, $y$, and the reheating temperature, $T_{\rm reh}$, which we evaluate in attractor models of inflation as formulated in no-scale supergravity. The 68% C.L. region of $(n_s,r)$ favours large values of $N_*$, $y$ and $T_{\rm reh}$ that are constrained by the production of gravitinos and supersymmetric dark matter.